Conflict and Communication
Learn about, discuss, and practice effective communication styles, tips to avoid common pitfalls, and conflict resolution techniques.
Time: 1pm - 2:30
This workshop is designed to introduce participants to some of the basic principles underlying effective communication and conflict resolution.
First, we will discuss "speech acts," including assessments and assertions; these are the ways in which we use communication to change the
world around us. We will explore how to make the intention behind communication explicit, and practice ways to communicate effectively.
We'll also talk about avoiding common pitfalls of daily interaction, such as giving unsolicited advice. After an activity and a short break,
we will move on to the psychology of interpersonal power. Having deconstructed the grammar of human conflict (including what to expect
in a typical argument), we will practice "VOMPing" - a conflict resolution technique. Finally, we'll wrap up by discussing this technique's
relationship to the formal practice of "Transformative Mediation."